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Acting for Fun

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Time and Location

Sunday, 08/19/2018
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Yale Center Beijing
8 Jianguomenwai Avenue, 36th Floor, Tower B, IFC Building (Yong’anli Station, Exit C)

Seminar Description

Acting for fun    -    This is a workshop in comic acting in which we try to locate the part of you that is the most funny, playful, open and without fear. We will sing and laugh and play with complete abandon in search of your unique relationship to the comic world. We will pursue your playful self that has been buried in the polite and shy world. This is a day intensive for actors, artists, creators and even normal people who want to feel more comfortable in front of an audience. It will challenge you to make new discoveries, live more fully in your body and your voice and encourages each student to be more bold, daring and courageous in your work and life.


The language of the seminar was English, with consecutive interpretation into Chinese.

The Speaker

Acting for fun_YCB 2018/05/30

Christopher Bayes began his theater career with the internationally acclaimed Theatre de la Jeune Lune where he worked for five years as an actor, director, composer, designer and artistic associate. In 1989 he joined the acting company of the Guthrie Theater where he appeared in over twenty productions. In New York, he has directed Servant of Two Master, Red Noses, The Bourgeois Gentleman and etc.

He has served on the faculty of Juilliard for 23 years and is currently a Professor and Head of Physical Acting at the Yale School of Drama.


Preparing the Body to Discover Your Inner Clown

-   Finding Discovery in the Body-Warm Up
-   Kinesthetic Response-Warming the Muscle
-   Bringing on the Gleeful Pandemonium-Chaos
-   Opening like a Little Flower-The Little Voice of the Body

Entering the Comic World, the Speed of Fun and Empathetic Response

-   The Sweet Spot-Play without Fear
-   Your Fun Owes You Nothing-Finding poetry in the Comic World
-   The Emotional Imagination-Flexing the Emotional Imagination

The Pleasure of the Show Off

-   Adjustments-Disaster and Triumph
-   Re-discovering the World and the Body Set Free-Discovering a Physical Psychology
-   Discovering The Audience-Play with Them
-   Creating Heart-Natural Rhythm

Participant Eligibility

Leaders, executives, students from middle and high school, academia, arts & culture, actors and actresses, as well as those who are interested in the topic.

Public Event