Screening of the documentary <em>Super, Girls! </em>and discussion with Director and Yale World Fellow (’09) Jian Yi

Saturday, January 24, 2015

See Caixin Media’s Coverage of this event. 

Super, Girls!

Super, Girls! is the only independent documentary film created from the Super Girl Singing Contest show, which became the most popular TV show ever made. Controversies arose as rumors about corruption and complaints about the show being too “vulgar” spread.  Its tremendous off-site voting mechanism was a popular phenomenon during the time that cell phones first became a household tool in China. This documentary follows several 18-year-olds as they pursue their dreams in a nation undergoing great change.

The Event:

After screening the film, the audience members will meet one of the film’s “heroes”, as well as Director Jian Yi. What have these former “super girls” experienced in the last eight years?  What are their thoughts now that the Super Girls is no longer a national sensation? How did they perceive themselves eight years ago?  How have they matured and changed? What are their dreams today?

Yale World Fellow (’09) and Director Jian Yi

JIAN Yi is a filmmaker based in Jiangxi and Beijing.  He is the founder of IFChina Original Studio in Ji’an, Jiangxi.  Jian received his MA in International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame and an MA in International Journalism from the Communication University of China, where he taught for four years.

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