Value Creation in Technology

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Neil Nanpeng Shen, Yale ‘92
Founding and Managing Partner, Sequoia Capital China 

Charles Chao 
Chief Executive O∞cer and Chairman of the Board, Sina Co.; Chairman, Weibo Co. 

Joe Tsai Yale ’86 B.A., ’90 J.D. 
Executive Vice-Chairman, Alibaba Group 

Bob Xiaoping Xu 
Founding and Managing Partner, ZhenFund

The Panel:
The panelists will discuss how the internet has changed China’s social and economic scene in the last 20 years and why China has had so much success, even relative to many developed countries, in this area. They’ll also examine the dynamics of internet development in China and how they differ from that in the U.S. (especially Silicon Valley), and ask if it is still the case that Chinese companies are generally “copycats,” following the models created by leading U.S. companies.