The Yale Alley Cats' China Tour

Saturday, March 9, 2024 to Saturday, March 23, 2024


The Yale Alley Cats are a world-renowned lower-voice a cappella singing group, creating and performing music around the world since their founding in 1943. Since then, their repertoire has grown from Jazz to include Motown, pop, rock, R&B, and many more styles. Their dynamic performances are always exciting and enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds from school children to Queen Elizabeth II. The Alley Cats tour three times a year, twice internationally, which is just one of many reasons the group is such a positive and formative experience for every Yale student that passes through its ranks.






China Tour

The Yale Alley Cats are excited to tour in China from March 9th to March 23rd 2024!

The planned dates for the March 2024 tour are as follows.

March 10th: arrival in Shanghai, spending a day each in Shanghai and Hangzhou
March 12th: travel to Chengdu
March 16th: travel to Xi'an
March 18th: travel to Beijing
March 23rd: flight from Beijing back to Yale campus

Currently, Yale Alley Cats has reached a preliminary agreement with the Hangzhou Yungu School, the Chinese Spiritual Association, and has signed a contract with the Zhongshan Concert Hall in Beijing for a public performance on 22 March.



As an independently managed student organization, we obtain funds for our tours through various performances. We provide a variety of opportunities for connection and performances, including public performances, private party performances, one-on-one student communications, campus workshops, and customized advertising.

If you would be interested in cooperating with us, please contact their lead Tour Manager:

Yixiao Zhang '26

WeChat:+86 130 5135 8449

Phone:+1 203 687 3037

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