PKU-Yale 2024 "One Health" Economics Summer Camp

Sunday, June 23, 2024 to Friday, June 28, 2024

Host: Peking University Institute for Global Health and Development, Yale Center Beijing
Date: June 23-28, 2024
Location: Mao County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province


Sean Sylvia, University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill

Demand for Antibiotics: Insights from
Experiments with Standardized Patients and
Household Surveys


Xiaoyan Lei, Peking University

Healthy Aging: Challenges and Strategies


Xingwu Ran, Sichuan University

Establishment of Reference for Endocrine
Hormones and Survey on Metabolic Diseases
among Qiang Population at Middle-and-High
Altitude Regions


Meeting with Mao County Government


Xi Chen, Yale University

Early Life Circumstances and Long-term Human


Ermo Chen, Peking University

Sustainable Civilization: Planetary Health
Economics and Axis


Local Firms Visits


Dinner Talk: Studying Abroad


Jintao Xu, Peking University

The Health Benefits of Pollution Control


Junjian Yi, Peking University

How You Pay Drives What You Choose: Health
Savings Accounts versus Cash in Health
Insurance Plan Choice


Yuhang Pan, Peking University

China’s Ecological Restoration


Beini Lyu, Peking University

One Health and Global Health Security


Jianan Yang, Peking University

The History of Healthcare Technology and
Human Health


iGHD PhD Program Interviews


Cheng Huang, Peking University

Global Health: Challenges and Responses


Jie Pan, Sichuan University

Health Effects of Ambient Particulate Matter
and its Chemical Composition


Yang Xie, Beihang University

Health Synergistic Effects of Air Pollution


Han Yu, University of Memphis

The Effect of Public Health Insurance on


Health & Medicine

Public Event